Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod - Black Dog Outdoor Sports

Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod - Black Dog Outdoor Sports

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Sage Spey R8 Double Handed Fly Rod - John Norris

With the R8 CORE, Sage has enhanced that two-way connection from hand to fly and back for greater feel, flow and control. This amplified, two-way feedback loop--due to Sage's new axial fiber formulation-- allows you to feel when power needs applied throughout the cast, presentation, and when to utilize appropriate pressure when fighting a fish--ultimately giving you, the angler, complete control.

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Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod – Out Fly Fishing

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Sage Spey R8 Rod

Sage R8 Fly Rod – Out Fly Fishing

Sage R8 Core Fly Rods - Iron Bow Fly Shop

Orvis Recon 9-foot 5-weight Fly Rod

Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod The Spey angler’s arena is exacting and exhausting. Seams and structure are often in the middle or far side of the river; bushes behind and trees above complicate casting the necessary distance. Deep and fast currents, combined with slick bedrock and boulders make wading arduous. All the while, extreme weather - rainforest deluges, high desert glare, or never-ending daylight - continuously test resolve.

Sage R8 Spey Fly Rod 12'6 5wt

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